Ernst v. Waldenfels, 60 years old, is a German freelance journalist and writer living in Ulan Bator who 20 years ago founded Mongolia Canoeing canoeing. He travelled as different a river as the Yukon in North America, the Danube in Austria or the Yennissey in Siberia. He is married to a Mongolian, and they have three kids together.

Phone him in Mongolia at +976 99 82 6883 (from May to September) or in Germany at +49 1577 809 2487.


Tseren Ganbold "Gana"

Tseren Ganbold “Gana”, 45 years old and former Mongolian champion of Taek Won Do is a sports teacher and martial arts instructor living in Ulan Bator. He knows the Tuul river like the back of his hand and there´s hardly a rapid in the Orkhon that he can´t draw from memory. He has been with MongoliaCanoeing from the very beginning.

Dawaasuren Solbayar "Soló"

Dawaasuren Solbayar “Soló”, 39 years old. He has been a guide for MongoliaCanoeing for 13 years. He is a cook by profession.

Dawaa Lamgav

Our main driver Dawaa Lamgav is 60 years old. He is from Bulgan province where most of our tours either take place or which they at least touch. He has pioneered the approaches to all the rivers we travel.