The Eg river is the only outlet of huge Khovsgol lake, one of Mongolia´s top destinations. It starts as an alpine river with clear, slightly blue water and quite a few but easy rapids. It flows through some of the most beautiful landscape of Mongolia, wooded hills with rocky outcroppings and green lush meadows. The further it gets to the South the drier the climate and the more the steppe takes over.As the crow flies a good 400 km to the south the Eg flows into the Selenge river and the Selenge finally into Lake Baikal.

Fascination of the North – 21 days

Oursecond longest trip. You start at the Khovsgol lake – the “small brother” of Lake Baikal and continue 14 days through forests and steppe, mountains and plains.

Khovsgol to Baikal lake – 27 days

The ultimate adventure. From the North of Mongolia through the steppe over the Russian border to Lake Baikal