Dear Traveler,
Thank you for considering booking a trip with MongoliaCanoeing! To book a tour with us please follow 4 simple steps below:

Step 1: Familiarise yourself with your chosen tour

Make sure that you first read the relevant tour itinerary carefully including the section on price included and excluded services. Should you have any questions, please contact us to request more details by email.

Read the difficulty grading information. It is important that you choose a trip that is well suited to your experience and capabilities. Our office staff has first-hand experience and knowledge of all advertised tours and will be happy to provide you with the most detailed information about your chosen trip, enabling you to assess its suitability.

Step 2: Check tour availability

Check the availability of the selected tour.

For each of group trips, there is a minimum number of participants required to enable us to run it. The pricing panel of a trip gives an indication of group size, showing both minimum and maximum numbers.

You should proceed with your international flight booking and other travel arrangements only when you know that the trip is guaranteed to run.

Step 3: Complete our booking form

Please download and fill in our Booking Form (PDF format) and send it back to us by email.

The booking form is prepared in Adobe Acrobat Software. If you can not view this file, please download your free copy of this software from the Adobe website.

Step 4: Pay your confirmation deposit & balance

Your travel with us is confirmed upon receipt of a deposit of 50% of the tour price. On its receipt your participation in the tour is confirmed by an email notice. At the same time our “Mongolia Travel Information” file and a “Detailed Kit List” for are sent to you. These contain useful advice on visas, vaccinations etc.

The balance is to be paid 6 weeks prior to trip commencement. An invoice is sent to you a week earlier stating the final due amount depending on the total number of participants who will have joined the tour by then.

In case if more people book the tour (late bookings) less than 6 weeks prior to tour commencement, an appropriate refund is given to you on your arrival to Mongolia.

Please pay by direct bank transfer to our account in Mongolia. Our bank account details are provided upon request by email.

Late bookings

There is no additional fee or discounts for late bookings (made less than 6 weeks prior to trip commencement).


It is essential to have a full insurance coverage from a reputable insurer. Travel insurance should cover costs of medical services delivered during your holiday, emergency evacuation, loss of or damage to your personal and others’ property and belongings.

Cancellation policy

Due to a short travel season in Mongolia accommodation and facilities for travelers tend to be flooded. Therefore arrangements are usually pre-booked with the local suppliers such as airline companies and hotels. Hence is the following cancellation charges are withheld from your payment:

Cancellation in within 1 week prior to trip start: 40% of price
Cancellation in within 1 month prior to trip start: 20% of price
Cancellation more than 1 month prior to trip start: An administration fee of US$100 per person.

Transfer of travel

If you decide to transfer your booking to an alternative departure or tour, an administration fee of US$75 will be charged plus the cost difference between the two tours if the formerly booked tour cost is less than that of the latter.

In the opposite case, if the formerly booked tour cost is higher than that of the latter, you will be refunded with the cost difference.

However, please note that we are unable to transfer your booking to an alternative tour later than 7 weeks prior to the trip departure date.

We, at MongoliaCanoeing look forward to organizing a memorable holiday for you!