Tuul (Terelj National Park)

This river near Ulaanbaatar is ideal for short trips from one to three days. You travel through pristine mountains and steppe right outside the capital.

Orkhon – Canyon Adventure – 12 days

Fascinating unusual wilderness trip, where only few people have ever ventured.

Orkhon – Cradle of Nomad Civilization – 12 days

Visit Karakorum, the capital of Ghengis Khan and canoe the plain where he gathered his warriors.

Orkhon Magic Tour – 11 days

Our Magic tour: mountains, steppe, nomads, canyons and some easy rapids to enjoy.

Fascination Orkhon – 15 days

Canyon adventure combined with Magic Tour. Mountains, steppe, nomads, canyons and some easy rapids to enjoy.

Chuluut River

Starting in basalt canyon like out of fairy tale this fast-flowing river takes you through all the landscapes of Mongolia.

Khovsgol to Baikal lake – 27 days

The ultimate adventure. From the North of Mongolia through the steppe over the Russian border to Lake Baikal

Fascination of the North – 21 days

Oursecond longest trip. You start at the Khovsgol lake – the “small brother” of Lake Baikal and continue 14 days through forests and steppe, mountains and plains.

Khovd River – Under The Five Gods

From Khoton lake, down the Khovd river to Ulgii town 15 days long. This is probably our most spectacular tour.

Boat Rental

Rent boats on all the major rivers of Mongolia! All equipment and advise you might need at reasonable prices.