The Orkhon river is the most characteristic of Mongolia´s rivers. It is also Mongolia´s river of legend, with the upper Orkhon valley containing not only the ruins of Chengis Khan´s capital, but also other buried cities, Mongolia´s greatest buddhist monastery, grave mounds, steles with runes and traces of virtually every civilization that arose in Mongolia. The surrounding (now extinct) volcanoes have left the most fertile soil in the country and since times immortal all great Khan´s have gathered here their mounted warriors. This valley is the destination of our Tour “Cradle of Nomad Civilization”.

After this wide valley the river turns east and we get into the mountains of Bulgan with the Orkhon Canyon. Here our Tour “Orkhon Adventure” takes place. Were the “Adventure Tour” ends, the “Fascination Orkhon Tour” begins. The “Magic Tour” starts two days further down the river. The “Magic Tour” combines all landscapes of the Orkhon, steppe, canyon, hills and mountains and is our most popular tour. You can also combine these tours as you like. Just ask us.

Orkhon – Canyon Adventure – 12 days

Fascinating unusual wilderness trip, where only few people have ever ventured.

Orkhon – Cradle of Nomad Civilization – 12 days

Visit Karakorum, the capital of Ghengis Khan and canoe the plain where he gathered his warriors.

Orkhon Magic Tour – 11 days

Our Magic tour: mountains, steppe, nomads, canyons and some easy rapids to enjoy.

Fascination Orkhon – 15 days

Canyon adventure combined with Magic Tour. Mountains, steppe, nomads, canyons with a few more difficult rapids at the start.