This is a special tour. What you are reading down below is only a suggestion how the tour might look like. we have done the tour numous times but always varied it a little according to circumstances. despite the war in Ukraine we have the tour in 2023 as well and we fully expect it to be possible in the future. Please do enquire if you are interested as early as possible.


  • 4675$ if there are two participants. From 3245$ if there are 5 and more participants

Few people have ever done it – travel from Khovsgol Lake to Baikal Lake by boat.

The trip takes 27 days.

Two thirds will be in Mongolia and one third in Russia.

First we travel down the Eg river from Khovsgol Lake – a fast flowing alpine river.

Three hundred Kilometers before the border the Eg River enters the mighty Selenge,which ultimately flows into Lake Baikal.

Ten days after the border we reach Lake Baikal, the greatest fresh water lake on earth. During our trip through Russia Ernst von Waldenfels, the founder of Mongolia Canoeing, will be the guide. He speaks fluently Russian.

For details concerning things like Russian, visa a.s.o. please contact us by email or give us a ring.

The schedule looks like that (see below). An important note is that getting to Ulaanbaatar and back from Ulan Ude can be easily accomplished by booking with Aeroflot which serves both cities and has a worldwide network. But from Lake Baikal you can also come back with us by car to Mongolia.

Day 1

Arrival in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia

Day 2

Flight to Moron the capital of Khovsgol province

Day 3-20

Eg-river and Selenge river to the border. (Please check our Fascination of the North Tour for further details – it covers about three quarters of the way to the border)

Day 21-26

As the Russian authorities don´t allow a crossing of the border by the river we will have to cross it by car. After the border we set in again into the Selenge river. The last days of the trip will be spectacular as the Selenge breaks through the mountain range that divides Lake Baikal from the Mongolian plateau. In the delta of the Selenge we will meet our driver and he will bring us to Ulan Ude the capital of the autonomous republic of Buryatia where we check into a hotel and celebrate the finish of our tour.

Day 27

Transfer to the airport and flight from Ulan Ude via Moscow to almost anywhere in the world.

Khovsgol See bis Baikal See